My latest film project SEA SPARKLE (original title: ZEEVONK) will be the opening film of the Generation Program on the Berlin Film Festival, which kicks off in mid-February.

Our whole team feels honored and proud. SEA SPARKLE was superbly and lovingly directed by young talent Domien Huyghe. I wrote the screenplay with Wendy Huyghe, who has a sharp mind and pen. Twelve year old Saar Rogiers is incredibly touching in the leading role. The excellent supporting cast includes Sverre Rous, Dunia Elwaleed, Hilde De Baerdemaeker and Zouzou Ben Chika. The producers are Dries Phlypo, Marleen Slot, and Stephen Vandingenen.

We very much look forward to the Berlin premiere on February 17th for an audience of 1,000 young people.

Check out the trailer with English subs and the poster below.

The synopsis:

A North Sea fisherman dies at sea under mysterious circumstances. People whisper that the captain is to blame for the shipwreck. His teenage daughter LENA however suspects her father’s ship did not go down by accident.  

While Lena mourns her father, she notices a huge shadow slithering beneath the sea surface. No-one saw it but Lena. 

On the beach, Lena and her new pal VINNIE examine a battered wooden beam. They find an enormous tooth inside the wood. Lena is sure now: a huge sea creature sank her father’s boat. Lena tells her mother and best friend KAZ about it, but they don’t believe a word.

Lena is determined to find more evidence to clear her father’s name and to prove to the world that a huge, unknown creature is roaming the deep… 

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