Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem

Hi! I’m a writer of young adult novels, screenplays and comic books. I write in my native Dutch and, occasionally, a work of mine, like Ironhead, or, once a Young Lady, finds its way to English-language readers

On this site, I focus on my historical novels for young adults. IRONHEAD, OR, ONCE A YOUNG LADY has just come out in the US. The novel has been splendidly translated by Kristen Gehrman. The creative team of Levine Querido in New York City published the novel in early March 2022. They did a superb job.

I have one other historical novel translated in English: WITH A SWORD IN MY HAND (co-written by Pat van Beirs), which takes place in the 14th century. It is out of print now but you can still find second-hand copies or you can check your local library. GALLOWS MAIDEN has been translated into French and German. It is an adventurous story of spies, cut-purses and noblemen that takes place in the 16th century. My latest novel DAUGHTER OF DOOM, published in May 2022, takes place in the ninth century, the so-called Vikings age. The novel was well received and I hope it will excite foreign publishers in the not so distant future.

I sometimes write comic book scenario’s for artist Thomas Du Caju. These comics are published in Dutch and French. One of them has also been published in English as THE LIONS OF LENINGRAD, in Spanish as Los ratones de Leningrado and in Danish as Leningrads Helte. The French version is Les Souris de Leningrad. Thomas and I are currently collaborating on SABOTEUSES, set in the second world war on British/French female agents who were dropped in France during world war 2.

Ik grew up in Ghent, Belgium and have a master in translation (French/English). I wrote or co-wrote a number of feature films over the years. They’re all spoken in Dutch but some are available with English subtitles. Here are some of the titles: MY DAD IS A SAUSAGE (2021), THE BEST OF DORIEN B. (2019), ZAGROS (2017) VINCENT AND THE END OF THE WORLD (2016), OXYGEN (2010) and MOSCOW, BELGIUM (2008). I also wrote two mini-series with Pierre De Clercq: AMIGO’S (2015) and A GOOD YEAR (2020). 

If you want so write me about my work, you can send me an email.

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